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Which Blockchain/DLT protocols are supported by SPYDRA?

SPYDRA currently supports Hyperledger Fabric Framework as part of our Enterprise Blockchain offering. Soon, we will be supporting Public Blockchain protocols such as Ethereum.

What are the subscription plans available?

SPYDRA adopts pay as you use model, hence pricing is determined by your usage or consumption of deployed resources. There are no subscription plans. Once you signup an account with Spydra, you can start using Spydra's offerings without any hassle and pay as you go.

How does billing work?

Billing is associated with Organizations in Spydra. Each organization has a separate billing and costs are determined based on resource consumption of each organization. Primary contacts of organizations can setup separate billing address and payment method for organizations. Invoices are generated on 1st of each month for each organization.

How to change Password?

You can change your password under the account settings section of your user profile. You need to input your current password and new password, and will be required to login again once you successfully change your password.

What are Credits and how to use them?

SPYDRA offers free credits to the first three organizations, created by an account. Each organization will have 100 credits automatically added to the organization, upon creation of the organization. Each wallet credit is equivalent to US dollars, and the wallet credit can be utilized for the usage of resources with Spydra. Once the credits are fully utilized, further usage will be billed for payment.

Do I need to approve chaincode deployment?

No, you don't have to approve chaincodes while deployment. Spydra handles the chaincode approval at the backend, to make it easier for the user. You just have to select the chaincode solution as per your business requirement, and deploy the same on your network.

Which channel is my organization part of?

By default, all organizations are part of the default channel in the network. Custom channels are part of our future roadmap, we will intimate the users once this feature is available.

What are callbacks and how to use them?

Callbacks are way for users to subscribe to network and chaincode events. You can specify a custom URL and subscribe to the required events at the network and chaincode level.

Which use cases are supported?

Currently, we offer two pre-configured chaincode solutions which are Asset Management and Token Factory. You can deploy any of these pre-configured chaincode solutions that suits your business requirements and customize them as per you use case. For example, you can use Asset Management solution for supply chain related use cases and Token Factory solution can be used for tokenization use cases such as Loyalty tokens (fungible) and Paintings (NFTs). We can also help you with customization of chaincodes and custom deployment of networks through dedicated support.

Is Cryptocurrency required to Spydra Platform?

No, you don't need cryptocurrencies to use Spydra platform. Payments related to your usage can be made through payment methods such as credit cards. We have integrated Stripe and RazorPay as our payment solutions. We do not accept cryptocurrencies for payments.

Why is my organization inactive?

Organizations will become automatically inactive if payments are not done, within 7 days of invoice generation which is at 1st of every month as part of the billing cycle. Once you make the payment, your organization will become active.

Why am I unable to access my API keys?

If payments are due post 7 days of the billing cycle, your API keys will expire. Once the payment is made, you can register new API keys.

Can I create my own Channel?

No, currently you cannot create your own channels in the network. Custom channels are part of our future roadmap, we will intimate the users once this feature is available.

Which cloud service providers are supported?

SPYDRA supports AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. In the near future, we will add more cloud service providers to our offerings.

How to enable IPFS?

You can enable IPFS storage while creating your network, if required. You just need to check the media storage option during network configuration, to enable IPFS.

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