You can access the Rest API through the Swagger UI from the App API section. Navigate to Network -> Deployed Apps -> App -> Rest API

You can register API Keys at the Network level and use them to access the API endpoints of the deployed chaincode applications on the network. API Key

Base URL

Get the base URL from Network -> Deployed Apps -> App -> Rest API page.
Select your organization at the top right of this page.
Alternatively, you can from the URL by getting the <membership_id> by navigating
to Network -> Members page and getting the <app_id> by navigating to the Network -> 
Deployed Apps -> App Overview page.


An asset can be any object in your business process that needs to be tracked on the Blockchain. For e.g. financial instruments (equities, bonds, loans, and funds), tangible assets (real estate, artworks, precious metals), or intellectual property can be different types of assets.

Asset Ownership



Token APIs allow you to tokenize your assets and issue Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or fungible tokens seamlessly. Tokeniseanything asse you want- real estate, artwork, collectibles, or any other valuable asset. Using these APIs, you can issue, mint, burn tokens. Additionally, user can set approvers for their token account, get balance, view all transactions etc.


ERC1155 is a popular token standard in the blockchain industry that allows for the creation and management of both fungible and non-fungible tokens. It provides a flexible and efficient way to represent multiple token types within a single smart contract.


Vault is a mechanism for fractionalisation that allows for the division of assets into smaller, more manageable fractions. This concept is particularly relevant in the world of finance and investment, where it enables the creation of new investment opportunities and increased liquidity.

A custodian is a trusted party responsible for safeguarding and managing the assets held within the vault. A custodian can deposit or withdraw assets from a vault.

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