Opt-in Billing

Organizations have the option to choose to pay the bill for another organization within the network. This allows for flexibility and cooperation among network members.

How can an organisation opt-in for billing?

To opt-in for billing, there are two methods:

  1. When inviting an organization to join the network, the inviting organization can offer the option to opt-in and be billed for the network usage.

Pricing - See how pricing is calculated

The opt-in option is only available to organizations which have a saved payment method. Adding a Card & Autopay

  1. For an existing network member, any network admin can also choose to opt-in on behalf of another network member by accessing the option from network organization list.

How is the billing calculated?

The billing is calculated on a monthly basis. If an organization opts for payment for only part of the month, the billing will reflect the respective usage periods.

Let's consider this scenario, NM Manufacturer is an admin organisation for a network 'supply-chain', NM Manufacturer invites JD Distributors to join the network as a network contributor on 1st January, JD Distributors accepts the invitation and join the network 'supply-chain',

On, 20th January, NM Manufacturer decided to opt-out (Opt-out Billing) of the billing,

Billing at the end of the month would be,

for NM Manufacturerfor JD Distributor

NM manufacturer's cost of nodes from 1st - 31st January

JD Distributor's cost of nodes from 21st to 31th January


JD Distributor's cost of nodes from 1st to 20th January

Can I update my preferences later?

It is possible to update the billing preferences later. Network admins have the ability to modify the billing preferences of network members at any time. This can be done by accessing the Network settings -> choosing the "Organizations" option from the side menu -> and clicking on "Actions" to access the "Opt-out" option.

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