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Hyperledger Fabric Debugger for Visual Studio Code

Hyperledger Fabric Debugger Plugin is an Open Source Extension for Visual Studio Code that makes it easy for developers to build and debug Chaincode right from within the IDE. Typically, developing Chaincode for Fabric requires developers to set up a Fabric environment, deploy the developed Chaincode to it and then debug it by printing log messages to the console. In addition, installing a new version of Chaincode in a Fabric network is not as simple as uploading the new code. Developers have to execute the chaincode lifecycle commands for every modification to upgrade the Chaincode. This makes it very difficult to develop code in an iterative manner.

By using the Hyperledger Fabric Debug Plugin, a developer does not need to set up a Hyperledger Fabric network to deploy and test Chaincode. The plugin will automatically set up a local Fabric environment and manage the process of installing the Chaincode.

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