Unpaid Invoices

This articles explains what happens to your organization when you do not pay your invoices

You will be billed on Spydra based on your resource usage at the end of the month. When the invoice is generated, the Org admins get notified of the invoice to clear the dues.

The invoices will be auto-paid if you have available credits in your account.

15 days to pay Invoices

  • When an invoice is generated, you will have 15 days to clear the dues. Post that, you will be moved to the next bucket.

  • Org admins will receive an email notification when an invoice is generated and will be notified on the Spydra Console.

7-day grace period to API Disabled

  • If the invoice is not paid within 15 days from the generated date, the countdown timer to disable API starts.

  • If the invoice is not cleared in 22 days (15 days + 7-day grace period) since the invoice is generated, your organization's APIs will be disabled.

What does this mean?

  • If the APIs for your Organization are disabled, your Organization will not be able to send or received data from the Network.

  • All your listeners/callbacks will not function.

7-day grace period to Remove the Organization from all Networks

  • If the invoices are not paid after 7 more days grace period, the Organization will be removed from all the Networks.

What does this mean?

  • All your resources deployed on this Network (Nodes) will be deleted forever.

  • You will not be able to access the Networks you were part of.

  • You will have to join the Network with an invitation and set up all the configurations from scratch again.

  • If you are the only Organization in the Network, you will be removed from the Network, and the Network will be removed.

  • If you are the only Network Admin for the Network, you will be removed from the Network and access all the rights to the Network.

If the only Network Admin of a Network is removed due to unpaid invoices, the Network members are requested to contact support@spydra.app. With the permission of the previous Network Admin, we can update one of your role to Network Admin.

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