Spydra's billing is based on each organization's resource usage (or consumption) on all the Networks.

The usage is calculated at the Organization level, and you will be charged the commensurate hourly rate for your active resources. Organization admins will be notified when an Invoice is generated for an Organization at the end of a Billing cycle.

An organisation will have an option to pay for an other organisation for a network.

See how Opt-in Billing work.

To help users get started, Spydra offers $400 free credits to the first two organizations created by the users. The initial usage of resources in the organizations is billed towards the credits, and for further usage, Organization Admins need to make payments using any available payment methods.

The billing currency is USD or INR, which is determined based on the Organization's country. Please note a Tax of 18% [GST] will be levied on all Indian Organizations, i.e., organizations whose Billing Country is India.

Learn more about paying an Invoice here:

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