Testing REST API

You can test your custom chaincode REST APIs right from within the Spydra console. You can also test the APIs from any REST API client like Postman.

The pre-requisite is that your custom app should already be deployed on a Network.

1. Create an API key

  • Navigate to the Network

  • Go to API key page from the Side menu

  • Generate an API key for the Organization

  • Copy the API key

2. REST API page in Deployed App

  • Navigate to Network

  • Click on Deployed Apps and select the Asset Tokenization API

  • In the REST API page, select the Organization, if you have multiple Organizations

  • Click on Authorize, Enter the copied API key, and Authorize

  • Once it is Authorized, you can click on Try it now for a specific API

  • Enter your Request in the Request Editor and execute.

  • You will get a response. That's how you can use Swagger on Spydra Interface

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