An Organization is a logical entity, which can be as large as a multi-national corporation or as small as an individual, which participates as a member in a blockchain network. Each organization can have users added with different access rights based on the activities and operations they could do on the Spydra Platform. You will require organizations to create a blockchain network and deploy chaincode applications.

  • You can create an unlimited number of Organizations.

  • You can join other organizations through invitations

  • You can invite other users as members to your organization with defined access rights

  • You can manage user memberships for your organization

  • You need an Organization to

    • Create a Blockchain Network

    • Deploy Chaincode applications on your Hyperledger Fabric Network

  • You can interact with deployed Chaincode applications through your organization's network

  • You can monitor your organization's activities through Organization's dashboard

  • You can utilize the Credits associated with your organization (Note: Credit applies only to the first three organizations for an account)

Get started by creating an Organization

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