Network Operations

Why certain actions are restricted when an operation is running?

When an operation runs in a Network that utilizes infrastructure (such as containers or virtual machines), certain actions may not work due to the locked or unavailable resources.

For example, if an operation is running in a container, other actions that require access to the container's resources may not be able to execute until the operation is complete. This could include modifying the container's configuration or accessing data stored within the container.

If the operation is taking much longer than expected time, please reach out to our Support via messenger or email us at with the Network ID. You can find the Network ID on the Network Overview page. Sometimes, the Operation can take more time depending on the resources, overall network load, and other factors. If it takes exceptionally longer than expected reach out to Support.

List of operations

When one of the operations is running, the user will be restricted from doing another operation.

  • Network creation and updation

  • Joining an Organization

  • Role and Node update

  • Listeners - Creation, Update, Delete

  • Edit and Deployment of App (Chaincode)

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