Mandatory Card Addition

Adding a card is a mandatory requirement for the following actions:

  1. Auto-pay for billing: If you want to enable auto-pay for billing, you will need to add a card to your account. This will ensure that the payments are made automatically and on time, without any manual intervention required.

  2. Access to higher configurations: If you require access to higher configurations and resources, you will need to add a card to your account. This is because these higher configurations come at an additional cost, which is charged to the card on file.

Configurations that require adding a Card

These are the following configurations or flows that require you to Add a card for your organizations as these come at additional cost.

  • Dedicated Networks

  • Medium and Large Network Configurations

  • Adding custom Nodes

You will be prompted to add a card if you are trying to add these configurations.

If payment details are added to the account, it can have up to 10 active networks. This means that you can create and manage multiple networks simultaneously within the account.

However, if payment details are not added, the account is limited to only one network. This means that you can create and use only a single network within the account.

Adding a Card & Autopay

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