Block Explorer

Block explorer is a tool used to view and navigate through the contents of a blockchain. Block explorer provides valuable insights into the transactions, addresses, and overall state of the blockchain network.

Use Spydra's block explorer feature to:

  1. View Transactions: Explore and search for specific transactions by its hash. You can examine transaction details and owner details.

  2. View Blocks: Explore and search for specific block by a block's number. You can examine number of transaction in the block and other details.

  3. Monitor Network Stats: Keep track of network statistics, including the total number of transactions, the block height, and the overall health and performance of the blockchain network.

To explore block explorer-

  • Open any active network details.

  • Click 'Block Explorer' option on the left menu

  • You will see a tabular data with following column information

    • Transaction ID

    • Block number- if a block has 10 transactions, 10 rows with the same block number will be displayed.

    • Transaction type-

      • CONFIG Transaction: Represents a transaction used to make changes to the network's protocol or rules. These can include various settings like block size, transaction fees, consensus rules, or other network-specific configurations.

      • CONFIG_UPDATE Transaction: Represents a transaction which is typically initiated by a network participant, such as validator or administrator, who wish to propose modifications to the network's configuration settings.

      • ENDORSER_TRANSACTION: Represents a transaction that has been endorsed by the required endorsers, indicating that the transaction has gone through the endorsement process and is ready for further processing, validation, and inclusion in a block

    • Organisation- which added the transaction

    • Application name

    • Age of the block

  • Search for a transaction using a transaction ID or search for a block using block number

  • Click 'Details' to view detailed JSON of each transaction

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