Asset types

An asset type refers to the category, type, or class of an asset that is being represented on the blockchain. An Asset can be anything of value that can be traded, such as real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities, art, intellectual property, and more.

To tokenize an asset on the blockchain, it is necessary to define its asset type and specify all the relevant properties as required.

Each asset type may have multiple instances, which can be distinguished by their unique characteristics. For instance, if the asset type is "car," there can be several cars with their respective properties, such as KA00201 (Red, BMW, 2020), DL00201 (White, Audi. 2021), and US00201 (Red, BMW. 2022).

You can add as many properties for an Asset when you are creating an Asset without even defining them. Spydra stores all the properties with the asset which can be queried later on.

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