Asset Owners

Assets represent a Digital copy of a Physical good. Learn more about Assets and Asset types here: Asset types

Asset Owners

Simply kept, Assets are owned by a single individual or entity/Organization depending on the stage or step of the Asset.

For example, in a supply chain context, an Asset might represent a Product, and ownership of a specific product might change from Manufacturer to logistics partner as the product is out for shipment of goods as they move from one location to another. In the end, the ownership can be moved to the buyer or end user.

Depending on the use case, the owner can be with the Organization or a User part of the Organisation.

  "assetType": "vehicle",     
  "data": [                     
    "vehicleid": "car007",      
    "type": "vehicle",
    "vehicleNo": "XXXX-YYYY",

"owners": [. // OWNERS OF THE ASSET
                "userid": "user_id"

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