Asset Tokenization

Asset Tokenization: An Overview

Asset Tokenization refers to the process of converting physical assets into digital tokens that can be easily tracked and traded on a blockchain network. In recent years, asset tokenization on the blockchain has gained significant popularity in industries such as supply chain, mining, and pharmaceuticals due to its benefits, including transparency, security, data immutability, fractional ownership of assets, etc, and reduction of fraud and corruption.

Spydra's Asset Tokenization

Spydra’s Asset Tokenization is a configurable pre-built low-code app that enables customization based on your Business use case and deploys your Business logic on Blockchain Network in a few clicks without worrying about creating and maintaining any smart contracts.

One of the key elements of our platform is the ability to control permissions for all participating organizations on every asset and event. This allows for greater flexibility and control over who can access, edit, and view specific assets.

With Asset Tokenization's REST APIs, it is easy to integrate Asset Tokenisation without changing your existing stack and popular ERPs like SAP, Navision, and Oracle ERP.

Asset tokenization will enable Businesses to create, update, track & trace Assets and Events in different industry use cases like Supply chain, Logistics, and Medicine.

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