Pre-Configured Apps

Pre-configured Apps/ Chaincodes are pre-written smart contracts that are already installed and available on the blockchain network for use.

The pre-configured Apps/Chaincodes are designed to perform a specific set of functions and tasks and help solve a business case. This makes it easier for Spydra users to create blockchain-based use cases without having to write the code for the smart contract from scratch.

In addition, pre-configured Apps/Chaincodes can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of a particular use case. Spydra can create properties with low or no code interface or integrate them with other systems or applications.

Overall, pre-configured Apps/Chaincodes are a useful tool for users who want to create blockchain-based applications quickly and efficiently. By using Spydra's pre-written smart contracts, users can focus on other important problems without having to worry about the underlying blockchain technology.

Spydra's Pre-configured apps

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