Deploy Asset Tokenization App

To deploy the Asset Tokenization App on your network, you need to first create a Network.

pageCreate a Network

If you already created a Network, you can navigate to Networks and click on Deployed Apps and select Deploy Apps.

Network and App details

Once you click on Deploy App, you need to confirm the network details and enter App details.


Under Define Assets, you can create asset definitions by clicking on Add Asset definition and entering Asset Type and ID attribute for each asset definition.

You can view the list of all defined assets, and you will also have the option to add/remove asset definitions. Once complete, please click on Next.


Next, you can specify references between assets. You can click on Add Reference to add the references

Under Add Reference, you can select an asset that was defined earlier in the previous step. Once you select an asset, you can specify the referenced assets and the ID attribute. You have options to add multiple ID attributes as well as multiple referenced assets against the selected asset.

Similarly, you can repeat the same process if you want to add multiple references. You can view the list of references that you have added, which can be edited or removed as required. Once complete, please click on Next to proceed.


The last step is to define the organization-level permissions for the defined assets. You can toggle between the participant organizations, and define CRUD (create, read, update, delete) permissions for each asset. Once you have defined permissions for an organization, you can repeat the same for other participant organizations.

If any permission is given for an asset to an organization then only the owner org will be able to view, update, etc.

Upon completing all the steps in the Asset Tokenization App deployment wizard, you can click on Finish and you'll be prompted to review the input details which you can edit (if required) by navigating back to the previous screens of the Wizard. Once the inputs are reviewed, you can click on Confirm & Deploy to deploy the Asset Tokenization App.

You'll be notified once the app is successfully deployed and you can view the deployed app under the Deployed Apps section of your network. Please note Network admins and Chaincode Admins can also edit the deployed App details under App settings after the App has been deployed in the network.

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