Oracle with Asset tokenisation

Oracles can be used with asset tokenisation in workflows as triggers or action blocks (to fetch external data).

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An oracle scheduler can be used as a trigger to initiate a workflow. Every time the selected oracle scheduler fetches data from an external source, the workflow is triggered. To use oracle scheduler as a trigger.

  1. Select workflow trigger type 'On Oracle Schedule'

  2. Then, select an oracle scheduler from list active oracle schedulers defined in the selected application's channel.

To reference the oracle scheduler's response later in the workflow. Use variables - ${input.variablekey}

Action (get external data):

An oracle can be called from a workflow as an action block to fetch external data which can be used at any point in the workflow. To use oracle in workflow.

  1. Select 'Add Action' block.

  2. In the select action type 'Get External data (oracle)'

  3. Based on the oracle param type, enter the arguments

    • if the param type is path : one key-value

    • if the param type is query: multiple key-values

    • if the param type is body: an input box for user to enter JSON, XML etc

    • if the param type is none: no arguments needed

To reference the oracle action block's response later in the workflow. Use variables - ${oracleBlockName.output.variablekey}

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