Create Node

There are different types of Nodes that can be created for a Network on Spydra. Learn more about Nodes

Creating Node

  • Navigate to the Network where you want to create Nodes

  • Select NODES in the side menu

  • Click on Create Node

  • Select the type of Node you want to create from Orderer, Peer and IPFS

  • Enter the required details like Name, Organization, and Size of the Node.

    • Orderer Name can only contain lowercase Alphanumeric characters with a max length of 12.

    • Node size is based on the Network size. Please upgrade your Network Size, if you want to upgrade Node size.

  • Click on Create. A node will be created for the Network

Increasing or adding of new peer or orderer nodes is not allowed if the card is not added to your account.

Adding a Card & Autopay

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