Inviting an organisation to a Network

You can invite an organisation onto a network, but to do that, you need to create a network or be an Admin. The below article will guide you in creating a network.

pageCreate a Network

Inviting an organization to join the network

  • Once a network is created, navigate to the network page from the Network listing page <link>.

  • You can click on Invite Members from the Network page's membership section.

  • Enter the email address of the organization's primary contact to be invited, and specify the network access by selecting the role.

  • Once you click Invite, the organization's primary contact will receive the invite in their email.

Invited organizations

  • Network Administrators can also view the list of invitations sent out by toggling the Invitation Sent/Received under the Manage Invitations section.

  • The list of pending invites is displayed, and network admins can choose to Resend the invite or Cancel the Invite.

Unable to invite an organisation?

On the Spydra platform, users are permitted to add up to two organizations to a network utilizing the provided free credits. However, to add a third organization (or more), a saved payment method is required. Please ensure that the organization you're inviting has a saved payment card. Adding a Card & Autopay

Alternatively, you have the option to opt-in to pay for the invited organization, provided you have a saved payment card. Opt-in Billing

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