Create a Network

Creating a network is essential in the Spydra platform to deploy Apps/Chaincode, and the prerequisite for creating a network is to create an organization.

  • Navigate to the Network section in the Spydra console, you can view the list of Networks if you have already created one or if your organization is already part of other Networks.

  • Click on Create Network

  • You will enter the network creation wizard, and the first step is to enter network details - organization, network name, network tenant name, and network description.

  • You'll be prompted to create an organization if you haven't created an organization earlier. Once you create an organization, you'll be redirected to the Network creation wizard.

  • You have to update the configuration details in the next step of the network creation wizard. Here, you can choose the cloud service provider, deployment cloud region, number of nodes (peers, orderers, etc.), hosting type (shared/dedicated), and whether media storage is required or not (IPFS requirement for network)

  1. Cloud Provider: You can select providers like AWS and Azure to host your data.

  2. Cloud Region: This is where you want your data to be hosted on the server.

  3. Network Configuration: We offer 3 node sizes, Small, Medium, and Large, with different computational power. Learn more

  4. Number of Peer nodes

  5. Number of orderer nodes. It is recommended practice to have an odd number of Orderer Nodes on a Network. Learn more

  6. Tenancy type: Choose between shared and dedicated types. By sharing the network, other organizations can also be hosted on the same network, reducing the pricing for each node. If you go ahead with a dedicated network, no organizations will be sharing that network.

  7. To see how these selections affect your billing, please look at Pricing

  1. Once you select the responses from the dropdowns, click Next

  2. You can review the entered details on the Confirm details and click on Confirm & Create. If any changes are required, you can navigate to the previous section to update the changes and proceed again to deploy.

  3. Congratulations! Your Network has been created.

  4. You can now see the Created Network under the Networks list.

On the platform, users are allowed to create one network using the free credits provided. Should you wish to create an additional network, you will need to add a valid payment method to the organisation Adding a Card & Autopay

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