Deploy Custom Chaincode

Spydra runs chaincode as an external service to be able to gain more control over and to manage chaincode runtime more effectively. So the uploaded chaincode must be compatible to run as external service. Refer Chaincode as external service page for more details.

Create Custom App

  • Navigate to the Network where you want to deploy Custom App

  • Select Apps in the side menu

  • Click on "Create App" on the Apps page

Step 1: App Details

  • Enter Name and Description

  • Select the Souce code and click on "Create App"

Step 2: Chaincode Details

  • Enter Chaincode details like name and description

  • You can choose to upload the chaincode by Git Repo or upload a ZIP file

GIT Repository

  • To upload the chaincode from a GIT Repo, share all the required information like, Git username, Password, GIT URL, Branch, Subdirectory, etc.

Upload Chaincode

  • Alternatively, you can upload the chaincode as a File

  • Once all the details are entered, click on Upload to deploy custom chaincode.

  • Definit initialisation functions (optional)

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