Manage Apps

Network Administrators and Chaincode Administrators can edit App details, App settings and manage Application APIs

View / Edit App Details

Once you have deployed an application on the network, you can view the App details in the Overview section of the deployed Application under the respective Network. You can view information such as the App name, chaincode solution, deployed network, organization, and channel details.

Network admins and Chaincode Admins can edit only the Application name of the deployed App under the Overview section.

Deleting an App

Network admins and Chaincode admins can delete an application if required. Please note app deletion is an irreversible operation and you will lose all the data related to the app once deleted.

View / Edit App Settings

For each deployed App, network admins and chaincode admins will have access to view the current App settings as well as edit them if required. You can click on Settings under the deployed App to view the App settings, where you can see the deployed App details which were configured during App deployment.

Network admins and Chaincode Admins can click on Edit Settings, to edit the App configuration. Once you click on the Edit Settings, you will be taken through the App deployment wizard where you can add, edit or remove details as required. For example, in the case of Asset Management, you can edit Asset definitions, Event definitions, References, and defined Permissions. Similarly, for Token Factory deployment, you can edit Fungible and Non-Fungible token definitions.

If any permission is given for an asset to an organization then only the owner org will be able to view, update, etc.

Manage Application APIs

Spydra provides a rich set of APIs at the Application level since we're an API-driven platform. Each deployed Application has its own set of API endpoints that can be accessed by clicking on the APIs under the deployed App section. APIs differ between each deployed application, and the APIs can be accessed via a Swagger Interface on the Spydra Console. To access the APIs, API keys are required which are defined by Network admins at the network level for participant organizations.

Please refer to the API Reference section for further info on APIs.

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