Create an Account

You can create an Account with Spydra with just a few clicks using your Google account or by entering the details and verifying your email.

Sign up with Gmail

  • Click on Signup with Google

  • Login to your Google account or select the account if you are already logged in.

  • Once you verify the Gmail account, your signup process will be complete, and you will be redirected to Spydra Console.

Signing up your Email and Password

  • Enter the required details like Name, Email, and Password.

  • Then click on Create Account to verify your email address

  • You will receive a verification email on the email address entered

  • Verify the email by clicking the verification link that you received on the email address

  • Once your email is verified, your signup process will be complete.

  • Please refresh the tab where you were Signing up.

Next steps

  • Once your account is created, you can create or join an organization with an invite. Then create a network to deploy your app onto that network. You can also invite other organizations to join you on the network.

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