Getting started with Spydra

This will guide you in setting up your Spydra account, Creating organizations, and deploying apps onto private blockchain networks.

Steps to get started with Spydra

  1. Create a Spydra account

  2. Create an organization

  3. Create a Network

  4. Deploy app

1. Create a Spydra account

Using your details

  • Enter the required details

  • Enter the verification code that will be sent to your email

  • Post email verification, and you'll be successfully Signed up.

Using Google Signup

  • Use Sign up with Google.

  • Verify your email by logging into your account.

  • After verification, you'll be signed up and redirected to Spydra's platform.

Create an Account

2. Create an organization

  • Navigate to the Organization listing page here and click on 'Create Organization'.

  • Enter Organization Name, Country, Primary Contact Email address, Industry, Employee Size, and Use Case, then click on Create Organization.

  • Your organization will be created.

Create an Organization

3. Creating a Network

  • You can create a network or an organization admin only when you create a network.

  • Navigate to the Network listing page from and click Create Network.

  • Enter the required details and click on Create.

  • Your network will be created.

Create a Network

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